Gathering of people by a fire

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A full day to deepen within yourself, with others, with nature and breath. We invite you to share a very safe, beautiful, fun and awakened space where we create experiments, opportunities, learning and fun!
We’ll guide you, feed you, journey with you. Everything is welcome. All is to be explored. A journey of intimacy into yourself and others, to nature and your relationship with it; to your body and your breath; to having fun and building connections and relationships. 

There are many ways in which we will explore together. Each day has three main experiences offering plenty of time for connection and exploration within the group. We highly recommend coming to every ‘explore more’ event as you can build deeper into the experience and growth as each event gets deeper into the content. But whether you come to one or all, you’ll surely love this much needed space. We’ll send you all the details you’ll need to prepare in time, the rest is for you to trust and surrender.

After the day, many of us will be staying in a local campsite for the following 12/24 hours. This is another chance to continue what we have been experiencing together, to deepen even more into the experiment… it’s an optional extra for those wanting to take more time in this space… The location is in Andalucia, vegan food is provided for lunch … a brief questionnaire is requested upon booking.

Come alone, as a couple, in a group….  English is the main language spoken, but Spanish translation can be available amongst the group. Please ask.  
Details of the venue / the campsite / the day.. will all follow after booking and the adventure begins…
.....this is a mystery day, trust us and surrender... 

These events are popular and get booked up fast, so don’t hesitate.. get booked in!  

"Beth! THANK YOU!!! I am in total awe of you woman! You inspire me so much and I am SO grateful for this powerful, beautiful, real, raw and intimate weekend. Thank you for your courageous space holding and how you show up. I feel I grow so much in your presence and I'm looking forward to more more more! I feel seen and understood and connected to you, myself and the world around me! "

The Details

10.30am - 7.30pm

Please complete our booking form and we will send you payment information.

Once payment is received, we will confirm your place and details of the day will be sent to you. A WhatsApp group gets set up for all participants to share travel info and  arrangements... please where possible, car share, offer lifts and use public transport with others, it is a great way to start a community experience.

Dates: TBC post covid'19 we will re-launch our events
Book: €80 Includes lunch, refreshments, treats, all experiences.
Please complete the booking form and we will be in touch.

Please note: We want these experiences to be accessible. If you cannot afford the full price at this time, please speak with us and let's explore what exchanges we might be able to agree upon.

Every month we will host ‘explore more’ events, activities and experiences. Keep your eye out on Instagram and Facebook for information or here for updated events.