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Explore More: 22nd May: Alpujarras

Este evento está abierto a todo el mundo. El idioma que se habla es el inglés. Algunos de nuestros eventos son bilingües y otros no. Contamos con españoles en nuestro equipo multicultural. Podemos apoyar con un poco de traducción a veces si esto le ayuda. Para este evento es importante que entiendas la palabra intermedialidad hablada en inglés.
Join us for a full day and night to deepen within yourself, with others & with the mountains. Let's increase connected energy.

We meet at the Alqueria de Morayma which is next to the town of Cadiar, in the stunning Alpujarras.
This is a perfect private location where you are away for some time out and adventure. The Sensitivita Team will be ready to welcome you with open arms. We’ll guide you, feed you, have fun and journey together.
Everything is welcome. A journey of intimacy into yourself and others, to nature and your relationship with it; to your body and your breath; to having fun building connections and relationships. 

We invite you to share a very safe, beautiful, pleasurable space where we arrive as strangers and leave as ONE. We know how much this past year has challenged the human experience, this event explores ways to rekindle the energy between us for a recharge of inner freedom and collective power.

We don't want to give too much detail away, part of the magic is in the mystery and trusting us to take you on a ride. This first event we are hosting since lockdown will be gentle and soft... it will most likely involve what most of you will be familiar with, yet this time we bring the Sensitivita essence. You are likely to experience cacao, ecstatic dance, active meditation, conscious touch, massage, relaxation and connection. Come prepared for it all! If you want more specifics, please do ask.  No previous experience necessary.

This event is especially good for those people who crave meeting with others in a more heart centred, open, relaxed and loving way. For those who feel a longing to grow more alongside people than separated. For those who want to really let go, embrace themselves and have space to listen into their bodies and hearts without much distraction outside. Oh yes, and for those wanting some FUN! 

"Beth! THANK YOU!!! I am in total awe of you woman! You inspire me so much and I am SO grateful for this powerful, beautiful, real, raw and intimate weekend. Thank you for your courageous space holding and how you show up. I feel I grow so much in your presence and I'm looking forward to more more more! I feel seen and understood and connected to you, myself and the world around me! "

The Details

11am - 11pm. Includes two meals, tea, coffee and cake breaks! Plus a delightful program of gorgeous experiences, with our super amazing team!

You can also book a stunning ensuite room. Beds are allocated with first come, first served basis, every room is a dream. Breakfast is included in any overnight booking.

These experiences are offered after hours starting at 11.30pm as a special treat to really help integrate the days' event....
All 'Touch' experiences are one way, following an agreement about consent and only enjoyed if safety is clear. There is not enough slots for everyone, so book in soon to save your luxurious spot!

Touch & Play
- Fancy something different? This touch experience uses various objects, temperatures perhaps, pressures, it's a play with the skin, allowing the energy between therapist and client to guide the experience. It is deeply connecting, a huge 'let go' and pleasurable time. Like a massage but not!
Tantra Touch - A full body awakening experience, all of you is welcomed, honoured and met. The therapist starts with a check-in about consent, desires, fears, needs. Together you journey through this intimate awakening welcoming everything that wants to be released.
Deeply Relaxing - let every tissue, muscle, joint, be met with a professional flow of massage from top to bottom or choose your areas of most need. This experience goes beyond physio, or sports massage, it takes you deep into the smallest parts of you that normally don't get the attention they deserve.

All touch experiences can be enjoyed with male and female therapists. Tell us your most preferred combination. These are deeply beautiful experiences for any woman or man to enjoy!

€110 One Hour, One Therapist
€190 Two Hours, One Therapist
€190 One Hour, Two Therapists
€350 Two Hours, Two Therapist
€270 One hour, Three Therapists
€510 Two Hours, Three Therapists

There is a variety of gorgeous ensuite rooms available.
Check out the accommodation here

To Book!
Please complete our Booking Form, and we will send you payment information.

Once payment is received, we will confirm your place and all details of the experience will be sent to you.

The Facebook event page is live - this is for all participants to share travel info and  arrangements... 
Please where possible, car share, offer lifts and use public transport with others, it is a great way to start a community experience.

We cannot wait to see you!

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