Explore More: Authentic Relating & Conscious Touch

Improve your communication and better navigate your relationships...

friday 24th February | 16:00 – 23:00 | Dinner Included | €111

Join us for an exciting and fun-filled Authentic Relating and Conscious Touch workshop. This workshop aims to teach and guide us in learning new and improved ways that we can relate to ourselves and each other. By utilising more depth and truth in approach to our communication, we can create a well of safety between us, encouraging openness in our interactions.

This workshop is aimed at newbies and more experienced humans alike, you do not need any prior knowledge on these subjects to join in. Come as you are, have fun and leave with essential tools to change the way you think, feel and communicate.

The workshops...

Authentic Relating

This workshop begins with a discussion on Authentic relating, hosted by Sam Hardwick. Sam will introduce us to this transformative relational practice that creates profoundly enriching, enlivening and nourishing relationships in all domains of life.

Authentic relating empowers us to unlock and explore the vast and extraordinary landscape of human connection that lies beyond the scope of most typical relationships. It is a tool that allows us to relax and settle the nervous system and heal old wounds, enabling us to be deeply seen, heard and accepted for who we are.

There will be immersive and interactive activities for us to practice what we have learnt and of course, the opportunity to ask any questions that may arise.

Community Dinner

We will  share a nourishing and delicious community dinner together where we get to relax and practice more of that we have just learnt.

Conscious Touch

The evening workshop is led by Beth Hardwick. This is a guided space for learning and deepening in ways to give and receive touch in a conscious and safe way. Safe and consensual touch is a human necessity and is so important for us all to flourish, we can never practice this enough! Here we will learn how to express clearly and authentically our ‘yes’ and our ‘no’.

We will learn how to navigate and understand consent in a fun, playful and nourishing environment, also calling on the techniques we learnt in the Authentic Relating workshop. To be our most authentic selves, we learn to welcome sensuality, playfulness and the expression of sexuality within a conscious and appropriate way.

More About Sam and Beth...

Sam and Beth are both passionate about intimate relationships being a place of nourishment, joy and pleasure, creating a relaxed, authentic and above all, safe dynamic between humans. Authentic relating is a practice they hold dear within their family, personal relationship, work team and close friends.

Important information...




Friday 24th February

16:00 - 18:30 | Authentic Relating Workshop
18:30 - 20:00 | Community Dinner
20:00 - 23:00 | Conscious Touch Workshop

food and beverage

Refreshments and fruit are inclusive and are available throughout the experience. This includes fresh water, a variety of different teas and raw cacao.

Please bring a non-glass water bottle with a secure lid.

Please note: This is an alcohol and substance free event.


Please wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in.

Bring clothing that you can easily move around in and can wear or remove according to the temperature. The venue temperature can fluctuate between hot and cold and although we do our best to cater for your comfort, we ask that you come prepared.

It also helps to have footwear that is easy to wear and remove for ease around the site.


Please arrive with a high level of personal hygiene and refrain from wearing chemical perfumes. If you smoke, please do so outside and away from others, in the designated area. Be sure to wash your hands and freshen your breath before returning to any communal spaces. Some activities will be in close proximity to others so this is very important.


There is no parking on-site but there is plenty of on-street parking around the venue. There is also a dry riverbed nearby where you can park for free.


I am single - who will I partner?
I have no experience at all and feel very insecure but also interested…
What shall I bring with me?
What if I don’t want to take part?
I'm in a relationship but attending alone. Is this OK?
Are there any direct sexual experiences held at this event?
I don't live locally, can you recommend accommodation?

Further information...

Our 'Explore More' retreats, events and experiences are designed to help those who want to explore what a more conscious, connected and embodied life looks like, through spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. How does this change the way we think, feel, live, make choices and relate to ourselves and others just by being more conscious about ourselves and others?

At all of our events and gatherings, everything is consensual, is always your choice and is held in a safe and supported space.

Come and join our Sensitivita Community. We are waiting with open arms to welcome you and remember, our intention is to always create a safe space for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, orientation or identity.

We like to maintain a cosy intimacy at our events and therefore, spaces are always limited. Please get in touch if you have any questions. No question is too small to ask.

For enquiries about current and future events, please email intouch@sensitivita.com
We will respond with all of the information that you require