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Explore More:
Community Weekender
27th - 30th May
Valle de Vida, Malaga

Our community weekenders are back! Come and join the fun...
Our 'Explore More' series of events and activities offer a variety of talks, workshops and play events where we all get to explore what a more conscious, connected and embodied life looks like through spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. How does this change the way we think, feel, live, make choices and relate to ourselves and others just by being more conscious about ourselves and others?

Friday 27th May, 12:00 – 14:00 arrival / Monday 30th May, 12:00 – 14:00 finish

This weekend is for:
- Anyone wanting to deeply connect to self and meet other lovely humans
- Those of us who are learning to listen to the body and desire a richer connection to our freedom within the body
- Complete beginners or those already on the path of exploration
- Those of us being held back and restricted by the head
- Those wanting to overcome fears around their sexuality, body image, communication with others or finding your 'yes' and 'no'
- Those wanting to be 'seen' and experienced more by others
- Those who would enjoy a sunshine mountain break in a held and safe space
- Those who have questions and a desire to learn and grow in the area of human relating
- Welcoming people of any gender and orientation, skin colour and ethnic origin.
Our intention is to create a safe space for all regardless of gender, orientation or identity.

This weekend is an offering for you to take some space to slow down, to connect and to drop into yourself.
We will guide you on a journey through the body and we will experiment with breath, movement, touch, sound, verbal communication, community and play. This is not a weekend with back to back activity. As much as being in session with each other, we want to rest with each other and find the perfect balance of both. We ask you to share your desires, interests and fears. We then create a program around what the group has spoken into.

Some potential areas to explore: Intimate Communication, Body Painting, Sharing Circles, Massage, Chakra Dance, A Free-Expression Party, Discussion Groups, Mountain Walks, Authentic Relating, Sexuality, Nudity, Body Touch, BDSM for Beginners, Rope Play 101, Conscious Touch, Empowerment in the Bedroom, Creating Connection, Becoming Embodied, Trauma and Healing and so much more…
Everything is aimed at a gentle beginner forum but experienced humans are also very welcomed and catered for.
Everything is consensual, is always your choice and is very safe.

We get to enjoy a saltwater pool, sauna and steam room, with space to relax, move, dance and play. Delicious vegetarian food is served throughout. Body treatments are available for extra indulgence.

Places are limited to maintain a cosy intimacy. Please get in touch if you have any questions. No question is too small to ask.

Venue Details:
Venue: Valle de Vida, Pizarra Malaga.
Arrivals: Transfers are on offer from Malaga airport
Parking Available onsite but where possible share lifts. Facebook event page will host more details...

Early bird: €750 - Ends 31st March
Discounts for couples and groups - €750 per person when booking for two or more
Day tickets available for selected number: please ask for details
Full Price: €800
Ticket includes accommodation, food & drink, activities
Extra: Bodywork sessions / transfers / translation

Please fill out our application form. We will be in touch with all of the relevant details thereafter x


Please Note:
For those that say YES to this event but their budget does not allow, please do get in touch and let's have a conversation. We aim, where possible, to be as inclusive as we can be. This is, however, deliberately kept small for the fullest experience and nature of our work.

For questions: Message +34 643 263 941 or email
To book:
Click here
We will respond with all of the information that you need

Extending Your Holiday:
Are you finding that flights are looking cheaper a day or two before or after the Explore More Community Weekender? If so, we have compiled a list of places below that we can recommend.

Cosmopolitan Vibes: Malaga is a beautiful historical and cosmopolitan Mediterranean costal city, easily accessed by train from Malaga airport. It boasts beautiful mountain views on one side and endless coast line on the other. A great place to spend a day or two, exploring local culture and history before attending the event.

Urban Jungle Hostal:
TOC Hostal and Suites:
Hostal Real Maqueda:

Rural Rest:​ Why not head straight up into the mountains, Pizarra is the closest town to where the event is being hosted. Still within the province of Malaga and easily reached by train or bus from Malaga airport. It features rolling green landscapes, abundant with fruit, citrus and olive trees. A beautiful place to begin or extend your holiday!

Hotel Cortijo del Arte:​
Hostal Don Joaquin Alora: