Awakening Eros

Awakening Eros is a journey of exploration into the powerful force of love and desire. Eros is your life force and the source of your creativity and authentic voice. To awaken Eros is to awaken your vitality and ability to express who and what you are.

Your body is designed for pleasure, inside and out. When we understand the fullness of how sexuality and spirituality go hand in hand, we get to embody both without any shame, hesitation, fear or hiding. No longer do we separate the two. Desire, pleasure and arousal from spiritual awakening and enlightenment, experienced through sexuality, is incredibly healing. Anything can happen through the exploration of these sacred spaces.

Our Awakening Eros experience takes you on a journey of connection, relaxation, heart-centred release and embodiment far beyond your everyday massage. We incorporate breath-work, massage, movement, playful fun, mutual touch, music and more as the arousal between you and your therapist is awakened, moving together into fully expressive safe and consensual play.

Awakening Eros is different to a tantric massage. This experience takes you to the next level of sensuality and connection, enabling you to transcend to a whole new stage of pleasure.

We welcome all genders and identities and we have several options available for this experience.

Booking options:

Please note, the prices quoted are based on a per therapist per hour structure. If you would like 2 or more therapists for your experience, the price will increase accordingly.

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