Bespoke Retreat

Finding the time to retreat is such a gift to yourself and to those who get to retreat with you. Often, we have found that off the shelf retreats, as lovely as they are, tend to miss that deeper level of intimacy to the individual.


We offer retreat experiences which are tailor made to the individual or group. Each participant is seen, heard, held closely throughout the experiences.


We can offer such a variety of experiences from the deep nature-based immersion to luxury spaces with super comfort. The most important thing is the magic that is permissioned to flow between us, from the consultation into the experience. Trusting us to assess your desires and needs and a willingness to step out of the box and let flourish and heal what wants to….


All retreats are based in Andalucia and can be offered over 1-7 days. Flying into Malaga or Granada depending, or meeting at an agreed pick up point for more local clients.

When you are thinking of this experience, we will send you a list of questions to consider for you and your group. We book you into an online consultation and following this we send you our bespoke proposal with associated costs.


Every step of the way you have choice. Nothing is ever out of your control. At the same time, there comes a point where we ask you to let go, surrender to the flow and allow us to take hold of the space … this way, you get to build your safety and boundaries first and then get to relax, experiment and play within that framework.


The best way to approach this, is with some mystery and some ‘out of comfort’ experiences. We hold safe space every step of the way and choosing this way to retreat will be an incredible decision.


There are many options to what could be offered… all depending on the needs, desires,points of healing, common themes, time of year, location, budget. We discuss all ideas with you on the zoom call….


Booking a bespoke retreat is so much more personal, made for you and held….

You can also choose to have a selection of photographs taken throughout the journey telling the story of your experience and transformation. This is a really incredible record and Emily is an amazing asset to have on board.


For any enquiries, please get in touch x


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