Breathwork and Bioactive Meditation

Breathwork & Bioactive meditation is a powerful practice towards self-exploration and healing that combines alternating breathing techniques and guided dynamic meditation. Drawing upon concepts from Eastern ancient practices while incorporating Western psychotherapy, modern consciousness techniques, and breathwork.

The experience creates a meditative state in mind & body while raising vibrational energy for major detoxification, transformation, personal empowerment and self-healing. Each practice combines a number of activities and physical movements such as shaking, dancing, whirling, sound and more.
The active stages help to release accumulated tensions and blockages, allowing the natural energy flow to move.

These sessions are clearing physical, emotional and mental blocks; expanding consciousness; releasing trauma; attuning with our true selves and our innervoice; uplifting the spirit while reconnecting with both air and fire elements.

"I had the pleasure of training with Anastasia in Goa and attended her classes whilst we were there. She has the most beautiful energy to work with and her classes were both fun and informative. She has an individual teaching style that really makes her stand out. Beautiful soul, beautiful teacher."


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