Capture Me

This is a precious, unique, therapeutic photo shoot. You become less aware of the camera and more aware of yourself, who you are, right now, in this way, drawing out what is inside and celebrating the union in and out.

This is a deeply powerful experience, especially for those who don’t celebrate photos of themselves in everyday life, or those who outwardly do not feel they fit the societal acceptance of beauty.  

We want to reflect back to you the divine masculine and feminine that lives within us all.  We will take time to draw out the beauty, strength,vulnerability, courage, connection and love within.  

We are widely surrounded by images of the wounded masculine and feminine and the disconnect we feel towards these can be internalised and can cloud who we really are. We are often raised seeing ourselves through the lens used by wider society. We offer the space for you to consciously connect within and reflect outwardly what wants to shine: A beautiful, authentic and truly unique being.

As a storyteller, Emily will work with you to bring out your own story beyond words through energy and connection. You will spend up to six hours together to connect, explore and capture. Using connecting exercises, nature, fun and play.You’ll collaborate on the venue, the flow and format.

Please note:
This experience is priced for being in Spain, however a bespoke price can be offered for a UK or other Country experience.
We will arrange a free 20-minute phone call to discuss your experience.  
Within 5 days after your experience, you’ll receive a beautiful selection of images that most reflect the union of YOU, inside and out, images which reveal your essence, your power and freedom.

Options for couples and families available, please enquire.  


"Let us together, draw out in each other, the innermost beauty that speaks the truth of who we are. In this way, we gift outwardly the experience of our truest selves; talented, beautiful and free."


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