Intuitive Play, what is that?

Often in life, we are defined by our boundaries and borders... unable to freely express ourselves through our bodies or even our voice. We grow up into responsible adults and we lose that connection with our child, with our free spirit, with our intuition.

Intuitive Play offers a space to let that conditioning fall away and to practice safely with another, the very essence of human life...

What wants to be expressed in our bodies, in our spirits?

These sessions are interactive, awakening, alive, non-verbal, two-way touch between client and therapist.

Anyone can experience this, there is no right or wrong way to express it. The invitation to listen deeply to that inner voice, that dialogue deep inside that has desires, needs, hopes, fears...

This is an intimate and vulnerable space, led with utter care, safety and love. You are welcome, all is welcome, we seek, explore, experiment together.

There is no goal, no agenda, no performance. The energy is grown, nurtured and explored and the play begins.  There is a clear start and end. Time is given for preparation and reflection.

This practice is immensely popular where often a client in their daily lives, has to rush, to control, to force or push. Or where a client feels they have little control or connection to their own desires, voice, needs. Here, we learn and grow in connecting that animal voice, bridging the gap with responsibility and ‘letting go’… safeguarding our own needs, boundaries and flow with another’s in a beautiful raw expression of being INTUITIVE ANIMALS!

Come play with us...

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