Love Temple

"The experience I received with Sensitivita is hard to put into words but I will try. From the moment I arrived, I felt entirely comfortable, totally nurtured and like a beloved friend returning home. It was a beautiful experience in which I easily felt able to be totally vulnerable and surrender to the journey as it unfolded. In doing this I felt empowered and embodied, a side of myself that hadn’t before been revealed. These talented, warm, beautiful, divine women share with you their unique energy and will take you on a journey within yourself which is unlike any other. I spent hours feeling like a total Goddess, what an honor! Never will 2 hands and a ‘normal massage’ seem enough again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will return soon."

This is a 4-handed double pleasure initiation. A journey of sensual awakening through the power of touch, sound and sacred rituals. Breathe a sigh of mental, physical & emotional relief.

During this 3 or 5-hour experience, we invite you to let go of any expectations and trust yourself within our hands, allowing yourself to receive the medicine of love, intimacy and deep healing.

This experience will begin with some time together to ground, connect and find our flow. It is really important that you have the space from arriving into the‘drop in’ and we have various ways in which we help you find that breathingspace. The venue is already a relaxing space, our energy on top, client’s feel at home very quickly.

We offer a cacao ceremony to open our hearts and setting intention, a short meditation or something similar follows which will further help to relax, connect and let go. You might be offered hammock massage and sound bath, or water floating therapy, or something more bespoke to your needs.

We offer you the chance to experience the waterfall ritual – a dry body brush and washing experience which is a really nurturing and grounding experience. We believe that there are not enough spaces where we can feel truly cared for and seen… this experience can take you back to a time when you were held and loved and your body can engage with that sensation and experience a new.

Moving on, you will be ready to receive a full body 4-hand awakening massage. Having four hands offers the senses such an indulgence of pleasure, you won’t want to return to a two-handed ever again! We'll end with a light nourishing snack and refreshing drink.

"I had the Waterfall and Love temple experience with Beth and Anastasia. It was a deeply relaxing, intimate, unique and healing journey through the senses! I felt so pampered and taken care of. Beth and Anastasia created such a safe container where authenticity, surrender and trust felt natural and I could fully focus on receiving. A space to truly connect with myself and my body. A truly luxurious experience! Profoundly restorative. The effect still lasts one week after. Thank you!"

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