Intimacy Coaching - Who Is This For?

Unlock, Expose, Recreate.

Intimacy coaching is offering yourself time, space and love, to explore the deeper parts of yourself that want to be known, loved and understood.

It's an invitation for change. Giving time to getting to really know yourself and explore your innermost authentic truths, is one of the most valuable time decisions you can make.

As we share life intimately with other human beings, coaching offers us a greater chance of relational mutuality, being understood and seeking a more connected, free and flourishing experience with loved ones around us.

We work 1-1 / 2-1 / 2-2 / 3-1 / 3-2 with singles or couples.

The coaching we offer includes head work, body work, practical exercises and fun & games. We have a huge tool bag and we love to find that unique path for each individual story.

One example of what we might explore:

Intuitive Play | Learning to listen to body, mind, soul; touch & intuition

We offer a safe space to slow down enough to hear the voices and desires inside – the voices from your intuition and body. From arriving, we journey with you as we let go of the conditioning, the responsibilities, the performance. We begin to collaborate. We connect, we breathe, we find our flow. We then guide you into a state of relaxation and surrender… as we begin to enquire and explore… what wants to be felt?
What wants to awaken? What wants releasing? In this space you get to practice the art of ‘listening to your body’... literally embodying the very beat of your spirit, and trusting yourself to move into the desires.

Please note:
Sessions are 90 minutes minimum, online or in-person.
We will send associated costs and our recommendations on what coach, when and what direction, on email or whatsapp.
Coaching can be in-person or online and is accessible to anyone, anywhere.

"Sam and Beth were amazing to chat to and we found it really easy to be ourselves. They have such a warm and personable nature, their sharing's were so valuable and we really felt acknowledged and supported as they lovingly guided us on our relationship journey."

Have a read of these questions, prompts and very real client queries... if anything resonates, then YES, this could be an amazing service for you. If your query isn’t here… please get in touch and ask us directly. No shame, nothing to fear, we love you and your query just as it is!

Intimacy coaching is concerning anything relating to your relationship with yourself, or with another, be it a friend, family member or lover.

Coaching literally means a live conversation between us. Our style is unique to us, our experience, training and personality. Like with many coaches, you’ll find everyone has their own flow. We are very down to earth, authentic, genuine and loving. We also are really used to asking the difficult questions and having that next level discussion. We won’t tell you what you want to hear, but ask that together we seek to make deep rooted fundamental changes – because that’s what we believe has bought us here and you here too!  

Client queries/questions:

Why do I find it hard to form long term friendships and partners?

Why do some people love me and others hate me and there is little in between?

How can I trust someone I don’t know?

Am I energetically open? What does that actually mean?

How do I know if he/she likes me?

I want to become a confident lover, but I have no idea where to learn these skills?

I have an issue with premature ejaculation and it is ruining my love-life.

I feel nervous around anyone I am attracted to and I cannot get across who I am?

I’ve been told I can’t kiss, I am now paranoid about this and won’t even try.

I don’t feel my partner understands me, or even knows me?

I cannot find a way to be heard.

I don’t know what I want, but I am not happy.

I have no sexual desires.

I am not sure what my sexuality is?

I want to explore my sexuality but where do I start?

We cannot communicate without arguing – HELP!

I am bored with our sex life but I want to stay together.

We are talking about opening our relationship – I am petrified of this thought but aware we need change.

I want to re-invent our relationship but I don’t know how?  

How do I know what my boundaries are?  

I want to be more of a tantric lover, but how?

I want to travel, he wants to stay home…  

She tells me I bore her… I have no idea how to change that and I feel ashamed to be here.

My past trauma ruins my current relationships, I want to heal from that.

I find it hard to receive sexual pleasure but I love to give it, can I re-balance that?

I want more tools to use in my love life.

For any session, we begin with a free telephone chat and two-way sharing. We meet as equals and the relationship between us is created from a place of mutuality. Clients come for a whole spectrum of reasons and we are happy to answer any question or query you might have.
Following our initial chat, a bespoke plan will be sent out to you within five days or we book you in for a 90 minute assessment session to help us gain a deeper space to hear each other and find that flow.


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