Sensual Bliss

There is nothing more special than when our partners offer us time, sensual touch and shared energy.

Here, we offer you the training in how to create these sacred experiences for you and your partner. We take you on a journey of experiences to share together, teaching you techniques, exercises.

"Lovers finally meet when one has the courage to unveil their soul and the other has the humility to surrender unveiling theirs too."

First, we connect you back into your own needs, desires identifying hurts and pains and working through them into freedom. We then seek to deepen our awareness and understanding of our partner. Something we don’t do in relationships as we tend to move fast paced through busy lives.


We aim to increase your ability as a couple to relate more authentically to yourself, to each other and to leave you ready for pleasure; giving and receiving!

“Ask your partner when they feel most loved by you, and tell them exactly what they do that lets you know they love you.”


We teach intimate massage of Yoni and Lingam and all body touch for relax and pleasure. We include time spent on how to set boundaries, understand consent, to hear each other and look for signs in each other that will bring safety, respect and unlock our energy.  Communication. Fun. Healing and forgiveness.


How can we recreate how we do relationship that is bespoke, honouring and right for us? Let’s explore this together in a safe and held space.

Come alone, or with your partner to experience this luxury gift for any loving relationship. No previous experience is needed. Two or three hosts will spend the tailor-made experience with you which could be one day or several. We explore all possibilities with you following a zoom consultation.


This is the best gift any couple can offer each other…..


"Start with physical touch. Softly and slowly.As if your fingers are feathers. Just run your fingers on their skin. Touch their hands. Hold hands. Touch their neck. Their lips. Their palm lines. Feelevery curve on their body. Feel it all. Explore it. Enjoy every minute of it.Comfort the other with your touch. Relax into their touch. Caress them. Devote yourself to this beautiful person next to you. Devote yourself to exploring them. Let the hands become an extension of the heart."

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