What Is a Paint Me Session?

Art gives ritual performances a creative and emotional foundation. We use body painting as a tool to slow down, to breathe deep into your cells and find that sweet spot of surrender. You need not have any artist talent, nor experience, nor skill. This is a really fun, engaging and powerful hands on experience to connect, release pressures and stress and find opportunity to embody yourself a little deeper. The value is in the process and this is where the beauty and pleasure flows. In order to allow another to paint your body, you must first embody and relax yourself. In order to paint another, you must slow down, listen and find communion with them for a safe and rewarding two-way process. Both aspects here are desperately needed in our busy human lives.

To be painted: In this space you must first find yourself. We will guide you into a space of soul union. Next, you must choose surrender, and intimacy follows. It’s your time to say yes or no, where are your boundaries, what is and isn’t OK for the painter to touch, to paint, to explore with their hands, fingers, paint brushes and tools? Then, you choose what clothing you want to remain in and what is free to be taken off.  It’s a two-way discussion that is empowered, guided, safe and fun.

To be the painter: No experience needed. Just you, your imagination, connecting to your body and allow that to lead you. We provide a variety of paints, tools, ideas, support and guidance. We’ll guide you as you need or allow you freedom to explore solo. After discussions & agreements are made with your partner, you then begin to explore the body, the paint, your own body and what follows can never be predicted.

We end with a gratitude ceremony and feedback… along with refreshments..

After the session you are given a shower and towel to return to your body and clothing!

This can be an incredibly emotionally releasing experience, it can also be huge fun and awakening to the senses. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

For those wanting photography added into this session, please add that detail into your enquiry and we can give you the details of what is possible.

This is a reflection of a Sensitivita ‘paint me’ session... written from the artist:

“It’s been an hour and a half.

In complete silence, I am admiring each stroke of the brush. Adoring each little line, crease, curve, freckle, shadow. My eyes are zooming in on everything, touching each shape and shade of skin tone — I’ve become an investigator. So many delicate details, how is it so alive, in me, in the model?

The paint is laid so sporadically on the skin and there is no need to get it right.  The brushstrokes are so visible, so clear, as if there is no doubt on how they feel and what they want to do. And yet, it is so emotional and sensitive and expressive. It is all encompassing and capturing of each moment.

It is not perfect, but the brushstrokes aren’t afraid. They know that the only perfection is imperfection — and this is what makes something beautiful and unique.

The body doesn’t stay the same, goose bumps come and go, paint dry’s and disappears, changes happen and there is no control over that, just acceptance.  

Sometimes it’ll get messy, in messiness there is fertility and growth.

This is art. Loving. Loving is art.

We need to be with it, spend time with it. Explore it. Nurture it. Study its curves, shapes and colours. Feel it and surrender to it.

Love is everything.

Loving, just like art, requires intimacy.

It takes time and patience.  

We need to slow down and connect. See. Talk. Touch. It’s beautiful to explore someone. Like art”

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