What is a Tantra Massage?

Something deeply profound can be experienced during this beautiful practice.  It is a deep relaxing space to let go. Being ‘seen’ and loved fully as you are is very powerful for any adult. Something we don’t get a lot of. Society tells us what is & isn't appropriate and far too often intimacy and connection to each other and ourselves is lost.

You do not need to know anything about tantra or the lifestyle to enjoy and benefit from a tantra massage. The massage is both an experience and a journey. Tantra is an ancient practice which is relevant today as much as it was in the early days. The practice teaches us how to take control of our lives, connect much deeper to ourselves and seeing much more of our truth and therefore the truth in others. It is about connection, expansion, growth and flourishing. By expanding your consciousness, we can experience much more pleasure and through this energy all of our life improves in quality.

Trauma throughout our lives gets stuck inside so often… over years we become less engaged with our inner world and personal power. Through touch we get to lift off those layers of stuck energy and spread all over the body a new, awakened, fresh sense of being ALIVE!

It is our job and delight to create a really safe space for you to relax. Depending on the depth of experiences you have booked, we will spend time initially to connect together. To breathe, to listen to each other and to find a place of grounding.

From here, we might move into an undress ceremony together, meeting each other as equals. You might have booked in for the waterfall experience. If this is the case you will leave the massage room for this experience at this point, robed, coming back to the massage room robed for the next stage. You are welcomed and invited to choose to wear a blindfold throughout or at times during any experience. Some find this helpful to drop deeper into themselves whereas others find that a distraction and prefer without. Either is fine and open to change.

The massage / touch experience is all about you... your chance to surrender and to receive. So many of us are givers and we actually don’t find it that easy to simply receive. Touch is therefore one way, from me to you. If you are craving more two way touch then see ‘intuitive play’ as a perfect option before a tantra massage?

There is absolutely nothing for you to do but be guided. No performance, no need to think, just be served. Touch is about different sensations, different pressures and moves which awaken our senses and our experience. It is not the traditional straight hands on massage we have all been used to in the past. We use a variety of tools and methods to sense into a variety of touch, from head to toe and back again. It is luxurious, a real step away from everyday life like no other.

Any emotion that comes is welcomed. Many fear they will become too aroused or not aroused enough. In this space, we remove all ideas of any outcomes and we ask the body to let out what it needs to... and therefore, literally any response is possible. We have experienced many different responses and all welcome. The beauty is to trust what wants to flow and let it be. Something we heavily control in life outside.

You are gently guided throughout and if you have booked the longer session, at a certain stage you are invited to receive Lingam (penis) or Yoni (Vagina) massage as the next level awakening. There is no goal, no agenda in this next level of touch. It is safe, deeply honouring, sacred and respectful.

In life, men often feel pressured into a performance sexually and ejaculation is often the main goal. Here, we aim to shift that focus, using the energy from the sexual arousal to retrain the body, mind and soul to spread this energy and arousal all over the body. If ejaculation happens, this is fine, however we work with men to practice a new control and release and often the results can be life changing.

For a women, sexual pleasure can be numbed and dulled over years in adult life. Women also, like men, have learnt to perform to please. Here we retrain the body to feel, to connect, to heal, to receive and learn a new pleasure response.

A lot of us experience high levels of shame and anxiety...

Shame shows you that you’re internalising other people’s beliefs about who you should be (or who you are) and that you need to reconnect with yourself...

Anxiety shows you that you need to wake up, right now, and that you need to be present, that you’re stuck in the past and living in fear of the future.

A tantra massage deeply connects to the cells in a way that no other massage experience does, many find ongoing tantra massage rids these experiences of shame and anxiety from their lives...

After the massage you have time, space and nourishment from us as we share space to reflect, hold and take time to integrate. No rushing...

One of the many benefits of this experience is a widening of your sexual energy - the life force which sets on fire your creativity, passion, pleasure, insight and drive.

Trust me, trust yourself, embrace this beautiful sacred experience. The very fact you are reading this now, tells me you are ready! Invest in yourself x

Please note: For women – please choose a female or male therapist

                     For men – female only

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