What is the Undress Ceremony?

We believe that booking an experience with us is a beautiful, brave and powerful thing to do. You are making another step towards freedom and pleasure, which has a direct positive impact on the world. At the same time, this is potentially a vulnerable and daunting thing, especially for those that are new to the experiences we offer.

In this regard, nothing we do is ever forced, even if originally booked in. In each moment, we offer you choice, freedom and safety. The most comments we get from clients, is how safe they felt and how they were apprehensive before but glad they went ahead. I want to encourage you to face those fears and let us know how you feel as much as you are able.

The undress ceremony is a sacred act of becoming vulnerable together, being able to lead with an open heart and willingness to take away any hiding.

Not everyone will be invited into the undress ceremony. For some clients, this will be too soon in their journey or for some bookings time and space doesn’t allow.

For those that do go ahead into this space, this is the rough flow of what could unfold:

The host(s) take you into a lovely warm room where we can relax. One by one we go around the circle naming what aspects of our life we want to let go of, set aside, acknowledge, as we do so, we take off a layer of clothing, jewellery, in some instances make-up and hair attire. We continue this process until we are down to our underwear. At this stage, you are invited to continue to being fully naked, or to remain in underwear. We mirror your decision. Once we are all finished, the clothes in the middle get taken away to your change space for afterwards, and we all robe, preparing for the next stage of your journey.  

We have found that many clients find this a really impactful experience!

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