What is the Waterfall Ritual?

When was the last time you slowed down enough to wash your body from top to toe in a really sacred loving pace? Have you ever? Have you ever let anyone do that for you?

Picture the scene, a large bath, hot steamy water, organic bath sponges, jugs of warm water, fresh organic body wash… the therapist invites you to blindfold or not... she stands you on the big bath matt and dry body brushes you from feet up... this experience is invigorating and awakening.

From here, she supports you into the bath and together alongside some powerful music, you are washed, lovingly, slowly, like a dance between the two energies. This is a simple and beautiful ritual, washing away what was, what is and inviting what wants to come.

Some clients cry, some laugh, some stay totally memorised, some get aroused, some have a mix of everything.

We welcome everything...

After this, you are invited into the next stage of your journey, or if this is a stand-alone experience, you get a deeper indulgence and time to sit and enjoy the water together.  

Ending with a refreshing drink and bite to eat...

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