What to expect from a Cacao Ceremony

We hope that most clients will enjoy this experience, however, every stage of what you will journey through, is your choice and doesn’t come with any pressure. Take a read here, if you are unfamiliar with a cacao ceremony, and feel free to ask any questions.

Cacao ceremonies have been around for thousands of years, originating all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America, used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance. Pure cacao is used as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing. Cacao is used in a sacred medicinal ritual, where intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.

Cacao used in a cacao ceremony is different from regular chocolate we eat. Unlike what you might expect, it doesn’t taste anything like hot chocolate, so it might shock you when you first try it. It is a natural plant medicine and the cacao beans are, actually very bitter but naturally high in iron, magnesium and B-complex vitamins. Ritual cacao is made from ground cacao beans, water, cacao butter and a tiny bit of unrefined coconut sugar, and we also like to add some lovely natural flavours for a little kick, heat, or juiciness.

What you can experience during a cacao ceremony

A heart opening journey of oneness, love and ecstasy

Healing therapy – releasing blocks, recognising patterns, following your heart

Finding a connection to your highest self, your own power and truth

A shamanic or spiritual journey

A space to enter into meditation – being able to silence the mind, connect to the wisdom and spirit within you

A balance of masculine and feminine energies in the body

Enhanced creativity

Health benefits of cacao

Raw cacao has been used for centuries to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. It is a natural and ancient plant medicine, with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals and is a powerful antioxidant. Cacao also increases blood flow (oxygen and nutrients) to the brain as well as induces the release of feel-good endorphins. It enhances the immune system and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

Cacao is often used to change your perspective, enabling you to recognise and let go of repeated patterns or bad habits, release energetic blockages and what no longer serves you. Naturally packed with caffeine, cacao gives you a burst of energy that helps you focus and improve your memory and is said to be a big creativity enhancer and facilitator of deep inner meditation and connections. 

Cacao ceremony benefits

Cacao ceremonies are a type of shamanic healing – which is one of the oldest holistic healing practices used by indigenous cultures all over the world. These types of healing ceremonies work with re-balancing energies in the body to regain health. However, unlike other shamanic experiences, drinking cacao will not make you hallucinate or give you some sort of ‘out-of-body’ psychedelic experience. Cacao instead, is used to gently touch your heart and to guide you into an inner journey deep into the emotional centre of our body – our heart (Anahata) chakra.

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