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“The greatest learning in my life has come from living in community and within a vibrant family. It's a constant, supportive and loving invitation to show up, to take responsibility, to heal... I want you to have that too"
Beth Hardwick

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This space is a playground. We are a growing collective of open-minded individuals experiencing soul-growth which positively impacts our lives and the world around us. The values we seek in each other are a kind heart, non-judgemental spirit and an openness to go into the dark places to find the light. We love, we forgive, we learn, we fall, we rise, we explore, we play, we slow, we grow, we seed, we offer, we invite, we dance, we dare, we jump, we fly.
Our events and retreats are really precious, often exploring touch, connection, breath, body, heart, love for inner and outer growth!

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Why you need this....

Pleasure and connection is at the heart of what it means to be human. Many of us are not accessing true pleasure and freedom and remain in a cycle of trauma, unhappiness and discontentment. To relieve this, we need healing from the root, at a cellular level.

We believe that cellular healing and being able to receive and give pleasure, starts with a deep connection to your body, releasing stuck trauma and old patterns of behaviour and being at peace and in love with the beautiful being that you are!

We are a team of professionals who create incredible experiences for you around your individual need and desire. What we offer you is to be met in your fullness and celebrated as you are, creating magic within you to expand who you become.

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Why you need this....

Pleasure and connection is at the heart of what it means to be human. Many of us are not accessing true pleasure and freedom to be themselves, and remain in a cycle of trauma, unhappiness and discontentment. To relieve this, we need healing from the root.

At Sensitivita, we believe that cellular healing and being able to receive and give pleasure starts with a deep connection to your body. Releasing stuck trauma and old patterns of behaviour is the most important practice that brings peace and ultimately leads to love for the self and the other. 

With 20 years of professional experience in the fields of mental health, work with the body, and coaching, I, Beth, create personalised programs for self-development, growth, and healing. Carefully tuning into your needs and background, I do this either solo or with the support of other wonderful professionals. Together, we offer you care and empowerment to celebrate yourself and the life that you build.

answers to our most common questions
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Sensitivita Films

We love to celebrate story, we all have so much to offer each other through our personal experience, whatever stage of the journey. Check out our films to get more of a feel about who we are and how we might welcome you into your adventure soon....

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What our guests say ....

"Indulgent. Nourishment. soul food. Healing. So much fun. Transformational. Life-changing. I now know adventure. Expansive. Intimate. Challenging. Rewarding. Spiritual if you choose it. Grounding. Homecoming. Impactful. Awakening. This should be experienced by every human!"

I love feeling able to open up about all the stuff that's in my head with someone who properly understands.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Mar '23

The evening was challenging for me but in a good way. I learnt to trust the flow and deal with uncertainty. It was so great to meet other like and open minded people who have a longing to grow and overcome shame and guilt. I loved the invitation to take a risk and be honest with our longings.

Nourishment Night Guest | Apr '23

Hello! How are you today? I'm... Blissful. YOU ARE FANTASTIC, the very embodiment of being ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’. The positive energy coming off you was dizzying. I look forward to more growth with your support.

Experience Day Client | July '23

These Nourishment Nights mean so much to me. The games are so much fun and at the same time, inspiring and full of insights. The sensory game was so delicious, I loved both giving and receiving. It was fun to give without being recognised and great to receive without knowing from whom. Thank you x

Nourishment Night Guest | Apr '23

My sessions have been interesting and incredibly helpful for my process. When we spoke after my first session, I felt a click in my mind that helped me realise the process I was in. I often reflect upon our sessions and always find some details I missed. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Dec '20

Back now. Oh. My. Goodness. What an extraordinary day. Big shift.

Experience Day Client | May '23

My connection with you was pretty much in a league of its own!

Temple Time Client | Jan '23

I'm ready to explore what I don't yet know from my shadow and let go of it. I've never felt this ready in my life. So much is healing inside of me right now and I'm sure that soon, the pain will go away and pleasure will take its place instead. I like that trade.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jan '21

Yesterday's session was perfect on so many levels. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. I feel so inspired to make a difference to my partner's issues (yuk, horrible phrase!). I feel so blessed with this experience.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Dec '21

Your Nourishment Night is still very alive inside of me and all the different experiences of the evening are now sinking deeper into my consciousness. I just wanted to share this with you. I feel very grateful.

Nourishment Night Guest | May '23

I was feeling nervous and anxious when I arrived but as soon as I was welcomed by the beautifully warm team members, the butterflies in my stomach disappeared and left space for love and gratitude.

Community Weekender Guest | May '22

Today’s session was tough. How you can be as strong as you are when wrestling with my ugly, and then to end our call with, “You are so beautiful when I see you doing the work” absolutely blew me away. I believe you. I believe you do see my beauty, even when I am in my most ugly. Thank you Beth.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jul '23

I really enjoy meeting like-minded and tolerant people through the language of touch, beyond spoken words. It’s liberating to be able to open up and share my sensual desires beyond the limitations of social conditioning. So glad that there is something like this here on the costa del sol.

Nourishment Night Guest | Apr '23

I would like to thank you for being the safe energy I needed through this experience. I loved our tactillity and closeness which I have been lacking and needing in my life for many years now, wanting and being wanted in touch and closeness was really energising for my body and soul.

Nourishment Night Guest | Apr '23

Beth, meeting you made me question so many assumptions - not that I wasn't questioning them already, it catalysed and sped up, intensifying the process somehow. There is just something about you, something about your honesty and openness, your compassion and generosity of spirit that blew me away.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Feb '23

Happy new year Beth. Thanks for all your help this year. I feel transformed from six months ago. I am looking forward to what you have for me these next months!

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jan '23

We look forward to seeing you on Monday, clean, fresh and ready for whatever comes. Thank you for the good work you do with us.

Couples Dynamic Mentorship Clients | Feb '22

Much to say but no words can express how I feel and what I would like to say. So, I will just say, “Thank you for being my compass.”

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jan '23

I couldn’t be doing this unless I felt safe. You make me feel very safe. In addition, you make me feel very cared for which is a tremendous feeling and gives me the courage to move forward. Just wanted you to know that.

Temple Time Client | Jun '23

I loved the massage! There were moments when the feel of your skin or your heartbeat was incredible. I loved the different sensations of feathers etc... and how you moved the sarong and hot water bottle around my body. Your touch was wonderful! I have had many massages and this was by far the best.

Experience Day Client | Jun '21

It was a privilege to work with Beth to connect to my sexuality and sensuality. She has helped me to rediscover areas in my life I was overlooking. I was disregarding fundamental points which were holding me back. I highly recommended this incredible and powerful woman. Thank you for your support.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jan '21

You always bring a smile to my face Beth, you are truly a remarkable woman. I wish I could spend more time with you, you always make me feel so at ease.

Temple Time Client | July '23

We want to wish you and the team a great 2023. We have so much to be grateful for that has happened with your support. Thank you. We have a better relationship now thanks to the work we are doing together. We are so grateful for you.

Couples Dynamic Mentorship Clients | Dec '22

Once I let your wisdom in, to teach me, show me, guide me and I did the work in the return, everything started to shift. Now... months later, I feel like a new person. Everyone should be able to have a slice of you. But don't tell anyone I said that as then you will be even more hard to book!

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jun '23

We are so grateful that you are a part of our journey to truly step into our light as a family. We are so full of hope and excitement and want to thank you for opening your tender heart and wicked-smart mind to us.

Couples Dynamic Mentorship Clients | Jan '22

Thank you for being so kindly and beautifully honest with me. I admire you, you are an inspiration.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jan '22

Beth, I would like to thank you, Sam and the team for creating such a beautiful space for people to come together and explore themselves, opening with others and feeding on the nourishing energy this unity creates. I still feel the positive energy from the experience now! Thank you for your work x

Nourishment Night Guest | May '23

Just a note to say, "I MISS SESSIONS WITH YOU GUYS!" Beth, you really changed me for the better xxx

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Nov '22

I just watched your 'Losing my child - finding my freedom' piece on YouTube and had to write to tell you how intensely moving I found it.

YouTube Viewer | Sep '21

Beth, I often have words that you shared with me, echoing around me, I just wanted to say thank you. I really feel you as one of the pillars I had through that journey and you helped me immensely. I Hope to work with you again. Sending love x

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Mar '22

The image of ‘knocking through’ to open the rooms within oneself is apt. What an experience, I blew open the doors of my ‘house’, wandering the entire building naked, unashamed, trusting. All those emotions surging simultaneously through the nervous system. It's a complete joy, genuine bliss.

Temple Time Client | Sep '21

The freedom your lifestyle seems to bring you is frankly jaw-dropping. I’ve HEARD of people living like that and wondered how and if it really works but I’ve never SEEN it. Being invited in to watch you navigate your space was an exhilarating, invigorating and illuminating experience.

Stay With Us Guest | Jul '23

Your message was absolute gold. I’m going to listen to it on repeat!

Dynamic Mentorship Client | April '23

I found you so easy to talk to and get on with. You have the most beautiful eyes which helped me feel safe and relaxed.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jan '22

Every Nourishment Night feels like a colourful adult playground. Beth and the team empathically create such a safe and loving space. This experience is incomparable and I wouldn't want to miss any of these evenings. I am so glad I found you. Please guys, keep it up!

Nourishment Night Guest | May '23

Beth, you move through the world in a way nobody else I’ve known, combining the roles of mother, therapist, compassionate human and loving friend. You manage to always remain open, available, positive, strong, supportive, honest and brave. I admire you for it. I envy you for it. I love you for it.

Stay WIth Us Guest | Jun '23

I loved being in the bath as the initial phase - a rapid, short-cut way of prompting you to let go of self-consciousness, to literally just lie back and allow trust to flow.

Experience Day Client | Sep '21

You have given me a space and safety that I’ve never found elsewhere. You’re a gift to mankind, everyone should have sessions with you if they truly want to evolve and grow! I am nervous to end our sessions but I am ready to take the pen in my own hand and start writing this next chapter by myself.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Dec '21

I want to stop and thank you again for your time, your energy, your help, your advices your kindness and your generosity. I am a better teacher/person thanks to you, much more confident. You gave me tools to navigate through the wavey waters of teenagers. I highly appreciate your time and effort.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Aug '22

I love feeling able to open up about all the stuff that's in my head with someone who properly understands.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Mar '23

Beth, you are a source of great joy, endless delight and fascination. And, of course, you spark a million questions. I’ve come to recognise that stumbling upon you as I did was perhaps the single greatest learning opportunity of my life.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jul '23

I’m so grateful to have you in my life! Here is to more Sensitivita magic this year. Book me in for much more please!

Experience Day Client | Apr '23

You see shadows like no one I’ve ever met. The biggest difference is that you don’t dislike me because of what you see, you see the person behind and love the unlovable parts of me. I also notice that you don’t always share what you see. I’m ready to see, please don’t hold back. Shit… I think I am!

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jul '23

I feel so calm and content after yesterday’s session. You’re a very special person, I am lucky for the opportunity to share some impactful time with you. I will cherish those memories forever. You have a real gift Beth. Thank you for sharing it with me, I’ll always be appreciative of your kindness.

Temple Time Client | Aug '23

You’re a remarkable person Beth. I loved today I love feeling able to open about everything in my head with someone who properly understands. You sometimes have strong opinions but never judge. I bless the day I met you. Something clicked that day and whatever it was just keeps on clicking.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | May '23

Thank you for your kind, honest, raw and eloquent words today. We truly believe that you are the person to usher us through this.

Couples Dynamic Mentorship Clients | Dec '21

Everyone made me feel very comfortable and welcome. It was also amazing to share this experience with my Mum. I feel even closer to her for having had this experience. It’s a beautiful venue with beautiful people and I would highly recommend Sensitivita to everyone and anyone.

Experience Day Client | Dec '22

I have never met anyone as authentic as you. It is this that scares me about working with you and simultaneously, excites me the most. This year of working with you has changed my life. I’ve hated it at times but have mostly felt relief that finally, I am finding myself. Thank you Beth, thank you!

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Nov '21

Thank you so much for our time today! You’ve given me new insight and you also gave me so much more confidence because a lot of what you said was already what i was feeling and thinking! Thank you again Beth, you are wonderful x

Dynamic Mentorship Client | July '23

These Nourishment Nights touch me deeply. I am so glad I discovered you guys this summer. A warm hug to all of you x

Nourishment Night Guest | May '23

I am so glad that 2021 brought me to you!

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Dec '21

Thank you all for your courage to create such a precious space for encounters and nourishing experiences. Let's see where the journey is going to take me...

Nourishment Night Guest | May '23

I'm so glad I made contact with you, you've lightened my life just by being you. It's beautiful to receive and a privilege to be a part of, you make me feel so hopeful.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jan '22

I wasn't sure I wanted this experience, it felt weird to book it. Having had it, it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I was taken back to childhood and felt utterly nurtured, safe and loved. I released tears buried deep inside for many years. A complete surprise, I want another!

Temple Time Client | Feb '22

I appreciate you for pushing me, although I don’t want to say pushing. I needed to hear, “The kids can handle it.” I really appreciated what you said to me and giving me that boost to be brave enough to have those difficult conversations with my kids. They have visibly become more peaceful and able.

Dynamic Mentorship Client | Jan '22

The weekender I participated in still nourishes me. Beth, thank you for being such a professional therapist yet always willing to grow. A loving soul and such a beautiful human being xxx

Community Weekender Guest | May '22

Each Nourishment Night is exciting because encounters with other humans arise in the moment and nothing can be planned. Being able to explore this in a safe and guided space that encourages us to be more natural, spontaneous and honest with each other is a profound and healing experience for me.

Nourishment Night Guest | Mar '23