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Welcome to Sensitivita

We are a team of dedicated specialists who design & curate life-changing opportunities for people to connect to the truest essence of themselves. Whether for healing, growth, personal development or pure pleasure, guests feel transformed by what they experience.
Led by Beth Hardwick, a Mental Health Therapist of over 20 years’, specialising in family therapy, sex and relationships, embodied trauma and more. We take pleasure in creating tailor-made, impactful experiences for the individual, couple or group.
We offer fun and connecting events & retreats set in the stunning Andalusian mountains in Spain and across the UK. These events and retreats are truly very special and create deeply satisfying intimate changes within our guests lives! You can also cherry pick from our weekly treatments for some beautiful regular indulgences, healing experiences and therapies. For our global clients, our online coaching is dynamic, personalised, intimate and transformative, bringing a fresh and deeply personal way to connect and be met!

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Sensitivita Events and Retreats

This space is a playground. We are a growing collective of open-minded individuals experiencing soul-growth which positively impacts our lives and the world around us. The values we seek in each other are a kind heart, non-judgemental spirit and an openness to go into the dark places to find the light. We love, we forgive, we learn, we fall, we rise, we explore, we play, we slow, we grow, we seed, we offer, we invite, we dance, we dare, we jump, we fly.
Our events and retreats are really precious, often exploring touch, connection, breath, body, heart, love for inner and outer growth!

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“Through others, we become ourselves.”
- Lev Vygotsky
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Sensitivita Films

We love to celebrate story, we all have so much to offer each other through our personal experience, whatever stage of the journey. Check out our films to get more of a feel about who we are and how we might welcome you into your adventure soon....

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There is always more to say. On our Explore page, we share with you information, our reflections, short films and musings. Explore our most recent topics below or visit the full Explore page for even more.