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We believe that there is an alternative reality available for all human life, if you choose it. To access that, one must face themselves, release the old patterns and conditioning and rebirth. Through a mixture of pleasure, healing, community and soul work, this opening is ours to explore.

We offer luxurious connecting experiences, enlightening workshops, playful teaching, pleasure and fun. Come journey with us for our personal and community expansion. Soulful luxurious connection!  

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Sensitivita Community

We are an immeasurable army of open-minded individuals searching for soul-growth to positively impact our lives and the world around us. The values we seek in each other are a kind heart, non-judgemental spirit and an openness to go into the dark places to find the light. We love, we forgive, we learn, we fall, we rise, we explore, we play, we slow, we grow, we seed, we offer, we invite, we dance, we dare, we jump, we fly. We invite you to join our gatherings and grow this army together..

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“Through others, we become ourselves.”
- Lev Vygotsky
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Sensitivita Stories

We work with the whole spectrum of human life. There isn’t any distinction between any client. Every person is given the same value, love and attention. Sharing our story or experience, can feel vulnerable. It is a brave and beautiful act of love, to yourself and to those that value hearing it. We love to celebrate story, whatever stage of the journey.

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