Our Experiences

Our Experiences

All of our experiences have a mix of intimacy, healing, awakening, restoration and fun; creating safety and opportunity for your flourishing and ours.
In this section, you will find three focus areas of bookable treats; Feel, Heal and Share.
You can choose from any section and mix & match what you most desire. On your booking form, give us your wish list and we'll create the perfect flow. We create bespoke experiences for the individual human that you are.

Please take some time to read all that is on offer and really listen to your body, spirit and intuition.
If you have any questions, please get in touch. Nothing is too small a query. It is normal to feel nervous when considering an experience like ours for the first time; take a look at our stories as this might help ease any concerns.

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Get back in touch with yourself.
Experiences for one.

Waterfall | A luxurious wash ritual

Cleanse, Detox, Indulge.

This experience is intimate and incredibly powerful. It is nurturing, comforting and sacred.

We begin with time to ground and talk with each other. If appropriate, we flow into an undress ceremony. Following this you’ll receive a full dry body brush, awakening the blood flow and skin. We invite you into the water. We spend time washing you from top to toe, cleansing and awakening your senses to touch, to yourself, to skin, sensation, smell, warmth, openness and most importantly to surrender. Low lighting, powerful music, the sense of being in the womb.

It is a luxurious experience. All products used are organic and toxin free. This can be a blindfolded experience if you want to go that much deeper.

This is a 30 minute ritual from start to finish booked alongside another service.

30 minutes €75

Please note:                   
The waterfall can be hosted by a male or female depending on what other experience you have booked and the availability of hosts. If you have a preference then please mention this on your booking form.  

“I wasn’t sure I wanted this experience, it felt a bit weird to book it. Having had it, I would say it was one of the most powerful experiences I have had in years. I was taken back to being a young boy and I felt utterly nurtured, safe, loved and I was able to release tears that have been deep inside for many, many years. A complete surprise to me. I want another!”

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Sweet Prelude | Luxurious 4-hand massage + connecting rituals

Feel, Explore, Reconnect.

This is a 4-handed double pleasure initiation. A journey of sensual awakening through the power of touch, sound and sacred rituals.

During this 2.5 hour experience, we invite you to let go of any expectations and trust yourself within our hands, allowing yourself to receive the medicine of love, intimacy and deep healing. Breathe a sigh of mental, physical & emotional relief.

This experience will begin with cacao ceremony to open our hearts and setting intention, a short meditation will follow, before you will be ready to receive a full body awakening massage. We'll end with a light nourishing bowl of food and refreshing drink.

2.5 hour €480

Please note:
Why not add in the Waterfall ritual for an extra 30 minutes of indulgence?
Learn more about the Waterfall ritual here.

This experience does not include yoni or lingam massage.
This experience is led by two female hosts.

"I had the Waterfall and Sweet Prelude experience with Beth and Anastasia. It was a deeply relaxing, intimate, unique and healing journey through the senses! I felt so pampered and taken care of. Beth and Anastasia created such a safe container where authenticity, surrender and trust felt natural and I could fully focus in receiving. A space to truly connect with myself and my body. A truly luxurious experience! Profoundly restorative. The effect still lasts one week after. Thank you!"

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Tantra Explore | 2-hand tantra massage + light touch around genital area

Trust, surrender, relax

A gentle, honouring and welcoming introduction to tantra massage.
We take you on a gentle exploration of tantra touch, to give you a lovely opening into this practice. A 2-hour experience begins with time to connect and talk, moving into a full body light tantra massage, including light touch around the genital area, over underwear or without, it’s up to you.

Tantra Explore serves those who are nervous or new to this experience, those wanting to have a starting platform for their stage of journey.

2 hours €230

Please note:
This experience does not include the waterfall, please book that separately.
This experience does not include the undress ceremony.
This experience is offered to men with female host only and women have a choice of male or female host.
Women; please indicate what you prefer on your booking form.

Read more about what a Tantra Massage is here.

“Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going on inside ourselves."

- Bessel A.Van der Kolk

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Tantra Touch | 2-hand tantra full body + genital massage

Drop, Immerse, Empower.

A deeply nourishing and intimate experience which seeks to unlock old patterns which no longer serve you and awaken the deeper parts of your being.
Here, we take you into the lakes of your inner most sacred spaces and explore unity in one shared breath, regulation of one collective nervous system and invite an opening into our higher state.

Release, dive in and let go.

This is a 3-hour experience; an undress ceremony, full body massage including lingam/yoni massage. Time to rest with a refreshing drink.

3 hours €310

Please note:
Why not book the waterfall experience before your massage? The perfect fit and an incredible experience.
This experience is offered to men with a female host only.
Women have a choice of a male or female host. Please indicate what you prefer on your booking form.

Read more about what a tantra massage is here.

“In order to change, people need to become aware of their sensations and the way that their bodies interact with the world around them. Physical self-awareness is the first step in releasing the tyranny of the past.”

- Bessel A.Van der Kolk

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Love Temple | 4-hand full body + light genital massage + ritual 

Open, Awaken, Set Free.

This is a 4-hand double pleasure, full body experience for an individual, that takes you to the next level of sacred sexuality. Offering you complete and absolute surrender into the ‘no shame’ world of full embodiment. This safe, deeply healing and arousing space is created for you to face yourself as you are, without any judgement, but with full acceptance and infinite love.

We take you on a 3.5-hour journey through Cacao ceremony, breathwork and grounding ritual, followed by the undress ceremony, waterfall ritual and landing into an awakening full body massage. We'll end with a light nourishing bowl of food and refreshing drink.

3.5 hours €590

Please note:
This experience includes light yoni/lingam massage.
This is a female/female led experience. If you would prefer a female/male led experience please enquire for availability.

"The experience I received with Sensitivita is hard to put into words but I will try.   From the moment I arrived, I felt entirely comfortable, totally nurtured and like a beloved friend returning home. It was a beautiful experience in which I easily felt able to be totally vulnerable and surrender to the journey as it unfolded. In doing this I felt empowered and embodied a side of myself that hadn’t before been revealed. These talented, warm, beautiful, divine women share with you their unique energy and will take you on a journey within yourself which is unlike any other. I spent hours feeling like a total Goddess, what an honor! Never will 2 hands and a ‘normal massage’ seem enough again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will return soon."

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Deep Dive Indulgence | 4-hand indulgent full body + genital massage + ritual

Receive, Pleasure, Release.

This is the next level 4-hand double pleasure, full body love, for an indulgence you will never forget. Offering you complete and absolute surrender into the world of bliss. This safe, beautiful, sacred, sensual and deeply satisfying experience, will take you to such a place of contentment, your whole life will feel renewed.

We take you on a 5-hour indulgence, through Cacao ceremony, grounding ritual and breathwork, followed by waterfall ritual and landing into an awakening full body massage, including full yoni/lingam massage. We'll end with a light nourishing bowl of food and refreshing drink.

5 hours €780

Please note:
This is a female/female led experience. If you would prefer a female/male led experience please enquire for availability.

"Died and gone to heaven... That is the only expression I can think of when you ask me what I felt about this experience. I cannot think of a time in my life where I felt so special, so held, so cared for. I had a feeling like I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay there in this new reality I had opened up within me."

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Bespoke You | Your ideas + our ideas

A tailor-made experience of pure indulgence for YOU. What is it you most desire, most value and crave for? What is your soul’s deep longing? Is there an area of life that you want to explore further? Have you always wanted to try something but not had opportunity? Is there a craving for deep healing or awakening?

Bespoke YOU offers the chance to create with us the experience you most desire. Together we create the best ways to explore and unlock the potential in you.

We ask for a Zoom conversation where we investigate together a whole host of ideas, experiences and potentials. Come with all your ideas without restraint, as to not limit your exploration... or come with few and together we draw out what wants to flow.

Before our call: we send you a list of questions that we will ask, prompts to think through. Within five days after our Zoom session, we will email you with our suggested 'Bespoke You' experience, alongside costs and details.  

Consultation 90 minutes €90

Please note:
Max participants 2. The Bespoke You package can include one, two, three or four hosts. A mix of male and female. We will guide you on the best approach for your needs and desires.  

“I’m already dreaming up my next indulgence! I’m learning to connect to a whole new side of myself that has been repressed for most of my life.”

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Get right under the root and pull out the weeds.
Experiences for one.

Intimacy Coaching | Dynamic coaching for a more fulfilled life

Unlock, Expose, Recreate.

Intimacy coaching is offering yourself time, space and love, to explore the deeper parts of yourself that want to be known, loved and understood. It's an invitation for change. Giving time to getting to really know yourself and explore your innermost authentic truths, is one of the most valuable time decisions you can make.

As we share life intimately with other human beings, coaching offers us a greater chance of relational mutuality, being understood and seeking a more connected, free and flourishing experience with loved ones around us.

We work 1-1 / 2-1 / 2-2 with singles or couples. The coaching we offer includes head work, body work, practical and fun. We have a huge tool bag and we love to find that unique path for each individual story.

We begin with a 90-minute face to face chat and two-way sharing, online or in-person. We come as equals and the relationship between us is created from a place of mutuality. Clients come for a whole spectrum of reasons and we are happy to answer any question or query you might have.
Following our initial chat, a bespoke plan will be sent out to you within five days.

In-person: 90 minutes €95
Online: 90 minutes €65

Please note:
Sessions are 90 minutes and we will send associated costs and our recommendations on what coach, when and what direction, on email.
Coaching can be in-person or online and is accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Read more about intimacy coaching and if it is right for you here.

"Sam and Beth were amazing to chat too and we found it really easy to be ourselves. They have such a warm and personable nature, their sharing's were so valuable and we felt really acknowledged and supported as they lovingly guided us on our relationship journey.’"

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Private Yoga | 1:1 yoga

Stretch, Deepen, Awake.

One-to-one yoga is the most safe and effective way to learn and support your practice with a unique plan designed to suit your needs, whether you are recovering from an injury, wishing to enhance wellbeing or learning meditation skills. Individual yoga focuses on your personal objectives for a safely tailor-made program to suit your body and abilities.

By integrating Ayurvedic elemental approach, a variety of yoga styles, innovative kinesiological methods of stretch and healing, power of acupressure -  we offer a truly unique combination and extensive opportunity to explore yoga on a deeper authentic level and treat your body as a whole system.

90 minutes €120
Online €96

"Yoga takes you into the present moment. The only place where life exists."

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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage | 2-hand specialist massage

Expand, Relieve, Embrace.

Ayurvedic yoga massage is a yoga-based therapy that combines traditional Indian deep tissue massage, assisted by a full range of yoga stretches, alongside coordinated breathwork. These techniques incorporate the use of hands and feet as tools for the massage using pure sesame oil, chosen for its naturally balancing properties and herbal powder derived from the root of Calamus, known for its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating effects.

We love this this unique comprehensive approach for the many benefits if offers:

  • it dissolves physical and emotional blocks
  • aids to eliminate toxins
  • promotes to realign the postures
  • improves respiratory patterns
  • enhances energy levels
  • uplifts the spirit and reconnects with earthly qualities leaving you with a deep sense of feeling grounded

2 hours €150

"I recently moved here from the United States/California and was in need of a deep tissue massage. I just got a 2 hour massage yesterday and today my body feels amazing! Excellent job, one if the best I have ever had. Highly recommend and cant wait to get another! Also, I did yoga with her an hour later on the beach and cant wait for the next yoga class as well. Very responsive, listens to your needs and friendly. Great job!!!!"

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Breathwork & Bioactive Meditation | Breathwork + meditation

Breathe, Move, Fly.

Breathwork & Bioactive meditation is a powerful practice towards self-exploration and healing that combines alternating breathing techniques and guided dynamic meditation. Drawing upon concepts from Eastern ancient practices while incorporating Western psychotherapy, modern consciousness techniques, and breathwork.

The experience creates a meditative state in mind & body while raising vibrational energy for major detoxification, transformation, personal empowerment and self-healing. Each practice combines a number of activities and physical movements such as shaking, dancing, whirling, sound and more.
The active stages help to release accumulated tensions and blockages, allowing the natural energy flow to move.

These sessions are clearing physical, emotional and mental blocks; expanding consciousness; releasing trauma; attuning with our true selves and our inner voice; uplifting the spirit while reconnecting with both air and fire elements.

90 minutes €120
Online €96

"I had the pleasure of training with Anastasia in Goa and attended her classes while we were there. She has the most beautiful energy to work with and her classes were both fun and informative. She has an individual teaching style that really makes her stand out. Beautiful soul, beautiful teacher."

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Water & Hammock Therapy | Floating water therapy + hammock play

Fun, Flourish, Flow.

Water & hammock therapy is a unique and profoundly relaxing experience. Firstly, it is experienced in the pool or in the ocean, created for reconnecting with the element of water.

You’ll experience deep relaxation and surrender in the free- floating experience bringing inner stillness and peace. Many people find this aspect alone transformational and a contrast to their busy controlled lives. Following, you are wrapped up in the hammock swept into a deep sense of being loved and nurtured, while being gently massaged and stretched. This therapy also incorporates elements of sound healing.

90 minutes €120

"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you."

- Deepak Chopra

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Sound Bath | Sound bath booked alongside another experience

Fly Away, Swim Deep.

A sound bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants 'bathe' in the sound waves produced by the human voice as well as instruments such as chimes, gongs, drums and singing bowls. Sound baths are like a combination of restorative yoga, meditation, and sacred sound concert.

The goal of a sound bath isn't to listen and pay attention but rather to let the sound wash over you. Like a bath, all you have to do is just lie back and absorb. Let the sound transport you.

We invite you to add this experience into any other experience with us.  
We do not offer this as a stand-alone session. However, if you wish to come as a group please see our ‘Sound Bath’ experience under the Share section.  

60 minutes €90

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

- William Shakespeare

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Capture Me | Phototherapy with a fresh take

Eros, Energy, Awake.

This is a precious, unique, therapeutic photo shoot. You become less aware of the camera and more aware of yourself, who you are, right now, in this way, drawing out what is inside and celebrating the union in and out. This is a deeply powerful experience, especially for those who don’t celebrate photos of themselves in everyday life, or those who outwardly do not feel they fit the societal acceptance of beauty.  

We want to reflect back to you the divine masculine and feminine that lives within us all.  We will take time to draw out the beauty, strength, vulnerability, courage, connection and love within.  

We are widely surrounded by images of the wounded masculine and feminine and the disconnect we feel towards these can be internalised and can cloud who we really are. We are often raised seeing ourselves through the lens used by wider society. We offer the space for you to consciously connect within and reflect outwardly what wants to shine: A beautiful, authentic and truly unique being.

As a story teller, Emily will work with you to bring out your own story beyond words through energy and connection. You will spend up to six hours together to connect, explore and capture. Using connecting exercises, nature, fun and play. You’ll collaborate on the venue, the flow and format.


Please note:  
We will arrange a free 20-minute phone call to discuss your experience.  
Within 5 days after your experience, you’ll receive a beautiful selection of images that most reflect the union of YOU, inside and out, images which reveal your essence, your power and freedom.
Options for couples and families available, please enquire.  

"Let us together, draw out in each other, the innermost beauty that speaks the truth of who we are. In this way, we gift outwardly the experience of our truest selves; talented, beautiful and free."

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Paint You, Paint Me | Body painting with a difference

Slow, Create, Play.

Indulgence of time, really immerse yourself in this delicate profound experience. You get to choose to be painted, or to paint another. In this 2.5 hour session, you begin by grounding and connecting with your paint partner. We guide you through some beautiful heart opening and releasing activities moving into an open discussion. Through this discussion we invite what wants to be expressed, who takes on which role, we talk about our boundaries and our consent.

Moving into the practice we have fun; we seek to slow so much that each stroke of the brush or hand over the body is felt. This experience is as much a gift for the receiver as for the giver. We explore what happens to our desires, within our bodies, the very act of painting or being painted takes us into a zone we rarely ever get the chance to play with. Come, experience this wonderful ritual with us.

2.5 hours  €430

Please note:
This experience is with two hosts
A shower and towel are available after the session.
We'll end with a light nourishing bowl of food and refreshing drink.

Read more about this experience here.

“How can we love anything when we don’t truly see it nor connect to it? Anything in life is special, only if we spend more time with it."

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Intuitive Play | Learning to listen to body, mind, soul; touch & intuition

Explore, Connect, Let go.

This is a wonderful 2-hour session set aside for you to get on the mat and explore what wants to be expressed between us. We offer a safe space to slow down enough to hear the voices and desires inside – the voices from your intuition and body. From arriving, we journey with you as we let go of the conditioning, the responsibilities, the performance. We begin to collaborate. We connect, we breathe, we find our flow. We then guide you into a state of relaxation and surrender… as we begin to enquire and explore… what wants to be felt?
What wants to awaken? What wants releasing? In this space you get to practice the art of ‘listening to your body’... literally embodying the very beat of your spirit, and trusting yourself to move into the desires.

2 hours €250

Please note:
We offer refreshment 
Choose a male or female play partner.

Read more about Intuitive play here.

The true object of all human life is play.

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Conscious Detox | 1 or 2 day detox retreat for a renewed & awakened you

Renew, Refresh, Awaken.

This experience is designed especially for those wanting and needing that pause, that stop. Immersive 1-to-1 tailor made therapy created for intensive healing; transformational, physical and emotional relief.

Choose between a 1 or 2-day program, following a consultation with us.
We combine Ayurvedic yoga therapy, Breathwork, Somatic yoga practice, Hammock massage, Active meditation, Sound healing, Agua-hara aquatic experience, Sacred rituals and Nature bathing. Within this time our deep calling is to crack your heart open so to touch your soul deeply and lovingly. After this course, you’ll experience a profound connection with yourself, working through unresolved traumas and experiencing new pleasures.    

90 minutes consultation €90 | 1 day €480 | 2 days €910

Please note:
We provide a light meal per day and you are responsible for your over-night accommodation. Our team can help with this if you want that, please let us know in your enquiry.
This experience could be shared with family of friends, for a bespoke quote please enquire

"I had the most amazing yoga massage with Anastasia - I haven't experienced anything like that before and I felt great afterwards. Her yoga classes are also amazing - you can really connect with her. Highly recommend!"

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Get together with others to share something powerful and connecting.
Experiences for two or more.

Sensual Bliss | For couples to have fun, deepen connection, explore

Learn, Love, Explore.

This is an explorative space for couples seeking either:
- deeper intimacy, sexual healing and awakening, a renewal of something that might have felt lost, or lethargic.
- a journey into play, connection, touch, fun; exploration and pure indulgence.

We begin by having a consultation with you online or in-person, we find out about you both. We tailor-design a day’s experience for you according to your deepest desires and needs. In a world where relationships are so strained, this time and space will feel utterly luxurious, safe and held. Giving time to our relationships is the most valuable gift we can offer each other.

There are many different ideas, experiences and activities that might make up your day. Teaching on loving authentic communication, with practical exercises and play; sessions on touch for healing and expansion; gentle tantra introductions; indulgent food and relaxation experiences; breathwork and body work to release what has passed; cacao, music and play. Here you will find yourself in a garden of sensual delights that are emotionally, physically and spiritually nourishing. 

90 minute Consultation €90

Please note:
We share a 90 minute consultation with you where we get to create together a bespoke and exciting day. We like an element of mystery, so not all details will be shared. Trust us to create something special.  You’ll be sent a plan for the day with the price, within five days of our consultation.

"Lovers finally meet when one has the courage to unveil their soul and the other has the humility to surrender unveiling theirs too."

“Ask your partner when they feel most loved by you, and tell them exactly what they do that lets you know they love you.”

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Paint Us | For couples to have fun, deepen connection, explore

Slow, Create, Enquire.

A really wonderful experience for a couple looking for something different, fun, connecting and empowering. It can be erotic, healing or explorative; it is what you make it. An amazing time to re-ignite your connection and playfulness.

Two female therapists’ journey with you from start to finish serving you both in the process. An Indulgence of time, slowing down every aspect of your lives to really immerse yourself in this delicate & profound experience. You get to choose to be painted, or to paint.

In this 3-hour session, we begin by grounding and connecting. We guide you through some beautiful heart opening and releasing activities moving into an open discussion. Through this discussion we invite what wants to be expressed, who takes on which role, we talk about our boundaries and our consent. Moving into the practice we have fun, we seek to slow, we explore what happens to our desires, within our bodies, the very act of painting or being painted takes us into a zone we rarely ever get the chance to sit still in.

Come, experience this wonderful ritual with us.

3 hours €530

Please note:
A Shower and towel are available after the session. Light healthy bites and drinks also provided.  

Read more about this experience here.

"Play is nature’s greatest tool for creating new neural networks and for reconciling difficulties… it is not at all uncommon for people to come back to not only re-energised, but also with fresh ideas for work."

- Stuart Brown

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Capture Us | A therapeutic photoshoot for a couple or family

Shine, Embody, Believe.

A delightful experience for any couple or family. We grow up so fast, moments of love, connection, healing, restoration, can be often missed. Every story has moments of transition, following a trial or reconnection, of pain and of healing, of joy and of achievement. We offer a beautiful fun day out with us where we support your grounding, your confidence, where we celebrate your story as it is, in its rawness and celebration.

The camera can be experienced as a gift, a tool in the art of drawing out your story, your connection and marking the moment you are in, right now. The process will feel enjoyable, relaxing, empowering. We use a variety of exercises, shared food, activity and more. It is our pleasure to love you into flourishing and we want to capture the essence of love between you in this moment, in this story, in this way. Each couple or group have a unique tailor made day planned according to the consultation we share together.

Clients find this experience nourishing and often very healing. Come as you are, no frills or fancy set ups... let us guide, support and hold space as we explore your connection to nature and life around you.

This experience is for a couple or a family/group. Depending on the numbers, it will either be with Emily alone, or it may involve a second host. We have various options for a day's experience, we collaborate with you during a 90 minute consultation.

Within five days after the experience, you'll receive a beautiful set of images to enjoy forever.

90 minute consultation: €90

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Shared Bliss | A luxurious teaching session for lovers

Learning, Giving, Receiving.

There is nothing more special than when our partners offer us time, sensual touch and shared energy. Here, we offer you the training in how to create these sacred experiences for you and you partner. We take you on a journey of tantra exercises to share together, teaching you techniques, exercises and learning which will leave you ready for pleasure; giving and receiving! We teach intimate massage of Yoni and Lingam and all body touch. We include time spent on how to set boundaries, to hear each other and look for signs in each other that will bring safety, respect and unlock our energy.

Come alone, or with your partner to experience this luxury gift for any loving relationship. No previous experience is needed. Two hosts will spend the tailor-made day with you, having created a bespoke training day following an initial discussion.

90 minute consultation €90

Please note:
We highly recommend that you book in an intimate massage before you book this experience, if you haven’t had one before. This offers a brilliant framework for this day and will offer you a foundation to start from. It is not essential but recommended.

"Start with physical touch. Softly and slowly. As if your fingers are feathers. Just run your fingers on their skin. Touch their hands. Hold hands. Touch their neck. Their lips. Their palm lines. Feel every curve on their body. Feel it all. Explore it. Enjoy every minute of it. Comfort the other with your touch. Relax into their touch. Caress them. Devote yourself to this beautiful person next to you. Devote yourself to exploring them. Let the hands become an extension of the heart."

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Partner Yoga | Couple yoga

Give & Receive.

Couple's yoga is an exciting and intimate way to spend quality time with your partner, while deeply reconnecting and attuning to each other. This workshop will help to build up emotional support, strengthen your bond, enhance intimacy and trust and re-ignite your connection.

In a gentle and playful manner we will practice a few partner yoga poses, learn how to reunite within breathwork by exchanging energies. We will also explore the power of touch, and learn how to apply sensual massage techniques to explore new ways of true intimacy and pleasure, aiming to harmonise intimate connection, enriching your feelings and deepening your relationship on many levels.

2 hours €120
Online €96

"Touch comes before sight, before speech.
It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth."

- Margaret Atwood

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Sound Bath | Cacao + sound bath + friends - indulgence for any group

Fly Away, Swim Deep.

A sound bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants 'bathe' in the sound waves produced by the human voice as well as instruments such as chimes, gongs, drums and singing bowls. Sound baths are like a combination of restorative yoga, meditation, and sacred sound concert.
The goal of a sound bath isn't to listen and pay attention but rather to let the sound wash over you. Like a bath, all you have to do is just lie back and absorb. Let the sound transport you.

A cacao ceremony is a delicate and beautiful indulgence. Cacao is used in a sacred medicinal ritual, where intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.  

We offer a gorgeous 2.5 hour experience for a group between 2-12 people. Starting with the cacao, some grounding and connecting exercises and moving into a sound bath experience.  There is nothing quite like the journey you can go on as a group in this nourishing restorative experience.

Group of 2-12, includes cacao ceremony, sound bath
2 hours €345

Please note:
This can be in Spanish or English and is an amazing team building and connecting experience!

Read more about cacao ceremony here.

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

- William Shakespeare

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“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”
- Steve Jobs
There is always more to say. In the Explore pages, we share with you information, our reflections, short films and musings. Explore our most recent topics below or visit the full Explore page for even more.