Booking Conditions

Booking & Payment

For any questions prior or post booking please use the enquiry form or email us. We treat all enquiries with complete confidentiality. 

To book, we ask you to complete this form. We will reply via email within 48 hours. In this message we will confirm the date and time for your experience. Once everything is agreed, we will send you a payment link to make a 20% deposit (or full payment if you choose). Once the payment is received, your booking is confirmed and details of everything else you need to know will be sent to you.

Please note: Full payment due in cash on day of your appointment or online at least 48 hours before your appointment to ensure that full payment has cleared.


Please write to us via email, WhatsApp or via our enquiry form if you need to cancel, for our learning it would be helpful to understand why. If you wish to re-book, then please offer us some dates and we will respond to you within 48 hours. For no shows, we will contact you to request full payment as the venue, the staff and the time have all been allocated. If payment is made, you have the clear slate to re-book at any time. If payment and communications are not valued, then further bookings will be compromised. In this instance, we ask for a telephone conversation to decide how we move forward.
All cancellations lose the 20% deposit, unless you re-book immediately. If, for any reason, we have to cancel you, we will offer you an alternative date as near to the original as possible, or refund you in full if we cannot agree a new appointment.
Please remember that it is very normal to feel some apprehension before going ahead with something new and this can feel vulnerable. We get this, you’ll be held and safe with us and each step of the way you have choice, freedom and love. Don’t cancel because the fear gremlin has a bigger voice than your heart! This is the start of something very special.

Booking from abroad

We are based in Spain on Madrid timezone. Please be aware of the value in having a few days to settle after travel before you have an experience with us. We have found this to be a really beneficial thing.

Contact us

Please do not call us via WhatsApp. If you wish to speak to us, or take up the free 20-minute phone call, we will contact you having received your enquiry form and will set up a time to talk. Please note, these calls are for those that are serious about booking experiences with us and seeking further information or to discuss a sensitive matter.

Other information

The venue will be private and safe, cleaned using non-toxic products.
Therapists are clean and well-presented at all times.
All team members are fully committed to the confidentiality policy and adhere to strict criteria for client’s privacy and protection.
No photos or filming is to take place without prior written consent from team and clients.
No recording devises or mobile phones are allowed to be switched on during an experience unless prior consent is given.
The client must adhere to the preparation requirements prior to an experience (we send this information to you after receiving payment).
The client must communicate any sensitive issues or potential areas of concern prior to any experience.
The client must fill out the Health & Safety questionnaire as preparation for an amazing experience; we send this to you after payment.
The therapist has the right to stop any experience if the client has arrived under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
The client has the right to stop any experience if they feel uncomfortable at any time.
It is our commitment to make all appointments as private as possible with minimal contact with other team members or staff that may be on the premises at the time of your appointment.
All clients who wish to use a pseudo name for their experience, must provide their actual legal name when completing the Health & Safety form. We have a duty of care to our team and to your health in any emergency situation.  
We are used to working with people that have a public profile and we offer complete assurance that the identity of all customers is kept strictly private and confidential.
Anyone wanting Sensitivita to visit them needs to apply through the ‘Bespoke You’ route and follow our direction.
We use Facebook and Instagram to communicate a lot of helpful information.
If you are buying a gift card – please indicate this in your booking or enquiry message.