Questions & Answers

Here you can find answers to our most common questions.

Who do we work with?

We work with a huge variety of men, women, 18+, all shapes and sizes. Every one as incredible as the next. We offer bespoke experiences with a high level of privacy and clients travel from all over the world to experience our therapies. We are approachable, exclusive and safe.

Clients book in for a huge host of reasons. Some of the more common are...

  • Never experienced touch before

  • Feel numb inside

  • Can't connect in relationships or grow intimate relationships

  • Burnt out and need deep relaxation

  • Want fun but don't feel the freedom to explore that

  • Not sure what turns them on or off

  • Want to try something new but don’t have anywhere to try it

  • Desire support to spiritually awake

  • Seeking to 'let go'

  • To help the grief process

  • Post trauma for body release

  • To awaken the senses

  • To feel love

  • To learn to offer love

  • Totally disconnected to their bodies and have no love for themselves

  • Want touch but not through relationship

  • Want to learn techniques to enjoy with their partner

Whatever your reason for being here now, reading this page, it is not coincidental..

Get yourself booked in for a life changing experience you won't forget.

Do I need to know anything about tantra before I come?

Not at all. We guide you each step of the way and it is not necessary to know anything about tantra before you come. Most people have a very fixed idea about tantra from years of media attention on one aspect of the practice.

It is helpful to let go of all previous ideas and allow us to inform you through our work and your time with us.

Am I ready for a tantra massage?

We are available for a 20-minute call for anyone wanting to explore what is the right service and experience for them. We also spend time with you at the beginning of the experience to ground in with each other and our professional and experienced therapists will know what journey is most appropriate in the moment.

We believe that everyone is ready for a tantra massage, what level of this is something we can work out with you, if you feel unsure.

How far ahead do I need to book an experience with you?

We are in high demand so booking ahead is preferable. We suggest the ideal booking period is 4-6 weeks ahead but we get cancellations every so often so if you are looking for a quicker appointment, we can contact you if a spot becomes free.

We also have some flexibility with offering extended hours during high season, so the best advice is, book ahead but if you don’t have that luxury and need an appointment sooner, we will see what we can do. It is highly unlikely you will find availability with 48 hours of enquiry.

How often can I come for an experience?

We recommend 48 hours break between appointments to allow the experience to integrate within your body, soul and mind. We have clients who come from abroad regularly and they tend to book 3 or 4 sessions within a 10/14 day visit.

We also have clients that deeply benefit from a weekly or fortnightly session, these bookings tend to be booked in rhythm and are the same times and days … this regular experience has offered huge benefits in their general health and well-being.

Do you work with families?

Yes! We have years of experience working with family units and we LOVE this work. We would ask for a full assessment of the nature of enquiry and a bespoke session is arranged with us directly. We offer a variety of connecting experiences which can have a wonderful impact on family life.

Do you offer discounts if you are a regular client?

Yes & No. It takes us just as long to set up, prepare, staff, cover running costs, so these costs must be met. But we are willing to have the discussion for those having weekly or fortnightly experiences with us where finance is an issue. In some instances, we consider exchanges.
It is an important value here that we offer you an exclusive and highly impactful experience and that in the same regard, our time and services are valued with our own personal and business flourishing. For those that can, paying the full amount each time offers this very powerful mutual flourishing.

I can’t afford your services but I really want to book in?

We run offers and competitions which are a great way to experience what we offer if finance isn’t available. Keep your eyes open for these, check out our Instagram page for the best place to see this pop up.

We are also open to explore what else might be possible, so feel free to get in touch and tell us about you, your situation and what experience you think you would most benefit from.

Do you offer gift cards?


Please fill out the enquiry form and follow the instructions. What an amazing thing to do! Choose to book an actual experience or offer a gift amount, starting from €120.

Appointments will be made subject to availability in the usual way.

How can I prepare for a massage experience?

Please come having showered with a clean body top to toe, even if you are booked in for waterfall ritual. Please come with fresh breath. We provide mints during the experience also. Do not consume a large meal before a massage experience but come having had a light meal and not at all hungry.

For massage – please do not shave or wax body hair if you do not normally. Hair is not a problem for us. If you usually remove hair, then please feel welcomed to do what you normally prefer to.

Please do not wear any perfumes, at all, unless they are 100% essential oils or organic non-toxic deodorants. We provide a safe deodorant to use after.  Please try not to smoke within 90 minutes of a session. Avoid diary within 6 hours prior to arrival. Do not arrive having had any caffeine, alcohol or stimulants within four hours. Please be make-up free. If you arrive with make-up on, please bring what you need to remove it before we begin.  

When I have my experience, who will be there in the venue?

Where at all possible, we work hard to make sure clients only see and experience the therapists that are hosting their experience. There are normally team members around the venue in other areas and they are well trained in not disturbing or being in the way of any sacred intimate space.

If you are having a 1-1 experience then there will be another team member in the building but again, no one will be seen by you in your entire experience.

Will you come to my house? Venue? Abroad location?

We do travel for our work a lot and we have worked in a huge variety of locations. We always travel in pairs and any experienced booked away from our Spain venue, is booked with two therapists minimum. We first need a full assessment discussion with you about the finer details, so we can fully prepare and offer the most appropriate plan.

In some instances, a venue might not be appropriate but in this instance, we offer alternatives.

Can I touch the therapist?

Touch is a one-way experience from us to you. There are times when the therapist might offer responsive touch and this will be clear, safe, guided and within the context of the activity. Never assume to touch in response to how you are feeling. This is an invitation to surrender, to be the receiver and to explore that dynamic within.

I am nervous about being turned on, getting an erection, ejaculation?

Don’t be... It is not a problem for us. We honour all of you and everything is welcome.
You are a beautiful human in your fullness and you might find a variety of emotions arise and anything in between... all is held safely and nothing is an issue.

Part of our role in some regards, is to help find flourishing in your sexuality and healing often has to come first. So come to us feeling assured that there is no right or wrong way and we guide you throughout.

‘Peace begins when expectations stop’

I am nervous about a yoni massage, how can I prepare?

We can relate to this personally as we've been there too. Please know that this is very normal. Many women believe their yoni is not attractive, they can fear it might smell or be unpleasant, we have concerns about a fear of not relaxing or it being painful. We also have women that worry about being turned on.

A few things to say… We are happy to talk about any concerns and questions during a free 20-minute call. We have personally been in the position of not knowing and fearing, so we bring that awareness and sensitivity in this space. Everything is welcome...

Are the therapists naked at any point?

In most cases, no. There is an undress ceremony included in some experiences, which does include nudity for a few moments if the client chooses. Massages are usually done by a therapist wearing a sarong or soft pants for comfort, but each experience is tailored to the needs of each client. In this regard, it is not appropriate for some clients and in other instances it is.  The reason for being naked with some is about being in equal vulnerability and to break through old conditioning. Nudity might be a part of a therapeutic process.

In instances of trauma release, we must be aware of the stages of where nakedness is safe and where it isn’t. We are well trained professionals and we take this aspect seriously.  We offer a free 20-minute phone call in English for those that would prefer to connect first and ask questions and of course you can email us anytime with your enquiries.  

Do you offer any sexual services?

We teach and support on sexuality and intimacy.
We are a spiritually embodied offering that connects to sexuality, eros and desire. We do not offer sexual acts. If your pure motive is for a sexual service, please be clear with us in your enquiry. Although we do not sell a sexual service, we can explore what it is you want to achieve and start a conversation there. Often, we find that the initial intention is rooted in something deeper and more profound and this can be an amazing enquiry and one we are well trained to support you in.
We do not want anyone to hide nor neglect their needs, desires, hopes and fears. Bring it all and let us work together to find flourishing. Experiences with us are professional, safe, sacred, private. Ask us anything. Nothing sounds silly or shocking.
There is always more to say. In the Explore pages, we share with you information, our reflections, short films and musings. Explore our most recent topics below or visit the full Explore page for even more.