Holistic Full-Body Massage


A holistic full-body massage is a truly unique experience. Almost every part of the body receives touch, nourishment and love, leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, balanced and with an improved sense of well-being.

We love this this unique massage approach for the many benefits it offers, on a physical, mental and emotional level:

We use pure organic sweet almond oil, chosen for its naturally balancing properties and moisturising abilities. This oil is known for its exfoliating, hypoallergenic and anti-aging effects and is deeply nourishing when used for massages. You will be fully immersed in the experience, accompanied by the calming aromas of incense and the soothing melodies of beautiful background music.

Take yourself on a journey of discovery and experience the many benefits of this treatment, you won’t regret it.


90 minutes | €120 | Spain only

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